Friday, 30 January 2009


Firstly apologies for the photograph tried taking it inside but because the paint is wet was getting glare, took it outside but it's typical yucky Scottish weather and can't get the true colour. But still progressing although there is a lot I still don't like..........sometimes I never like them even when they are finished and if it's a commission even after the client has cried buckets and adores I still want to take it back and try some more. But it does look better than the photo :)).

Thursday, 29 January 2009


Got back to my Foxhund last night after having looked at it for a few days or was it staring at me saying don't leave me like this. Anyways I now think I know where I'm going with it. The plan is too incorporate him into a rich autumnal background blending his colouring with the background and avoiding that cardboard cut out look. That's the plan anyway lol.

Hope your having a great day where ever you are :))

Foxhound Oil on Board

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SUMMER HAZE - Acrylic 6x6

Was busy yesterday with all the mundane things we artists have to catch up on when we're not fretting over the easel, so it was late in the evening before I sat and did this small landscape. After talking in yesterdays post about artist's being able to conjour up a bit of sunshine when they feel like it I decided to do just that. Not exactly a masterpiece but was most enjoyable and even if it was for just a minute or two I convinced myself that the rain wasn't hitting against the window and it was pitch black outside.
Hope it brings a little sunshine to your day where ever you may be :))

Summer Haze 6x6 Acrylic £120-
Available from my website

Monday, 26 January 2009

Feeling Guilty.....

Feeling a little guilty as I haven't been creating these past few days....well that's a lie really have been "creating" but nothing worth sharing or should I say nothing I consider worth sharing. Everything we do is a learning curve so nothing is wasted and I put it down too experimentation.

Anyway went for a walk this morning in the winter sunshine, well what my Grandmother used to call a watery sun....which is sunshine in low batteries lol. But it helped clear my head and I now have a plan of action, and I've cut and primed some small boards ready to start. The beauty of being an artist is that even in the bleak mid winter you can bring a little summer into the studio with the help of reference sketches or photos. Sometimes a sift through the collection is all that it takes to get the juices up and running....well maybe not running lol.

Light really wasn't that great this morning for taking photos but I loved these nosey young bullocks peeking at me and the dogs through the trees so I thought I'd share.

Have a good day all :))

Thursday, 22 January 2009

SILVER BY NATURE - Elizabeth McCindle

Oils 24 x 20
Had the pleasure of delivering this commissioned painting to it's new owner yesterday. I was reminded when reading a fellow Canine Art Guild members blog yesterday (Judith Bates) of what a pleasure that is, even more so in this case. I painted the Grand dam of Silver By Nature more years ago than I'm going to admit too so I was quite honoured to be asked back to paint another family member. Actually will be painting a few of her descendants in the coming months. Silver By Nature or Tonto as he's known at home is carrying on the families winning ways and having won three hurdle races last year this season he takes on the bigger fences as a Novice Chaser. So his owner felt he had already earned his spot on the wall next to his Grandmother. I remember as if yesterday being at Ayr races watching his Grandmother Dalkey Sound run in the Scottish Grand National a diminutive little mare she gallantly carried top weight only to be beaten in the run in. It's not often the applause for the horse in second drowns out that of the winner but everyone loves a trier.

Off course art is very much an ups and down profession and I feel I'm losing my way a little with this painting. It's that awful feeling when you know what you want to do, you can actually see it finished in your minds eye....problem is getting that on the board, but I will persevere until my eyes bleed :))

Monday, 19 January 2009

Foxhound work in progress......

Worked on the Foxhound this morning for a couple of hours. Looking at it there probably doesn't look much difference but I've been developing the muscle tone on his neck, shoulders and chest. Just managed to get it photographed outside before another burst of sleet and rain......brrrr. Glad to have an inside job today :))

Eager Oil on Board

Eager oil on board detail of area being worked on

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Catching Up......

Been using the weekend too catch up on housework, shopping e.t.c. so haven't had a chance to sit at the easel. Also catching up on paperwork and keeping the website up to date. These are all things that my non artists friends forget I have to do when they think I sit around all day doing nothing.....well they don't actually come right out and say that (too scared) but I know they think Especially during summer months when I might be taking paintings to Dunkeld or Aberfeldy I get that "Ok for some", they forget that I'm still working when I'm delivering too Galleries....mind you on a lovely day (we do get the odd one or two n Scotland) it tends to feel like playing hookie lol.

As I'm no further forward with the Foxhound I'll post one from the website of another favourite model a Freisian cow. I like to give them names after I've painted them for one it makes it easier to give the painting a title and makes it more personal.

Felicity Oil on Board 8x8 £250-

Available from my website

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Been working away on my Foxhound this morning and although its early days have a good feeling about it. Off course that could be just wishful thinking on my part. I love the look on this guys face never taking his eye from the huntsman and just waiting for the even now with next to nothing done I'm going to call this Eager don't know what size it will finish at as will trim it when finished but this is another oil on board.

Worked a bit more on this in the afternoon. Really enjoying myself been a wee while since I've really felt that, sometimes we just get caught up in what we do, it becomes automatic and if I'm honest I've felt like that for most of last year and the year before that. My art has always been somewhere I could escape to, maybe a wrong choice of words, somewhere I can lose myself for a few hours. But sometimes things happen in your life that you can't block out and that inner sanctuary gets whooshed around as well (good word whooshed). They say that time heals all things....just could be

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Nothing new....

That'll teach me too say what I'm going to be doing the next Foxhound at the moment. Spent the morning doing household chores...have to catch up sometime lol. Then a much needed trip to the Supermarket to replenish the food supplies. Finally got into the Studio around 2 o'clock and needed to prime some boards....the boring end of painting. Will give them another coat this evening and hopefully they'll be dry enough for me to sketch the Foxhound ready to start in the morning.

This is one of my seascapes I did earlier. It's called Evening Light, Pittenween it's Acrylic on Board 8x8. Pittenween is a lovely wee fishing village in the Kingdom of Fife.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Morning Walks.....

Nothing like a long walk in the morning with the dogs to start off the day. After all the stinky wet stuff that’s been falling from the sky it was nice to wake to a damp but rain free morning. Both my boys are getting on a bit now, they were 11 on Christmas Eve, Joshua is starting to lose his sight and apparently his hearing although I think that is selective. Spike has lost his coat and I mean literally and looks more like a Chinese Crested than a Pomeranian various tests proved inconclusive and as he is otherwise a bright and happy chappie its something we are learning to live with, although apparently without any jacket, jumper or coat that I’ve bought for him, he’s not a cissy boy lol. Looking back it all started with the progression of my mothers Altzeimer’s, lets just say it wasn’t a happy home for a while and being a sensitive wee dog I think that was his reaction too all that was going on, though it has never grown back. Most people that we meet on our walk (walking their spaniels, labs, lurchers e.t.c) are surprised with how far they walk, they forget that these are mini huskies LOL. Only draw back is on the way home Joshua doesn’t do going back and I usually have to resort to carrying him at least part of the way……or I would never get any work done.

As I said nothing like a walk in the morning to start your day and natures medicine to clear your head. Even at this time of year when everything is slumbering there’s always something to inspire…..ten young Charlie cows all huddled together eating the winter rations that the farmer had just left them all jostling together each wanting the bite that the other had, their coats all curly like someone with an afro who has been caught in the rain. And the steam rising from their bodies and mouths creating a halo around them…’s mornings like that makes you wish you had brought your camera. Alas it’s at home in the warmth….never mind its one of those scenes that remains in your head and some day in the future the colours, light and atmosphere will help you with some other work your working on.

Finished the Arabian and I’m quite pleased with it, untitled at the moment and will let it sit for a little while until it comes to me. Tomorrow..... well plan is to paint a rather lovely foxhound

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sculpting or Painting....

Still wet and blustery here so no excuse not to sit at the easel. Spent a couple of hours this morning on the painting I started yesterday and I'm pleased with the way it's turning out. Most of the times when I'm painting Arabians it feels more like sculpting than painting. I love moulding the form of their faces this pretty lady was being prepared to go into a show class and there was a feeling of excitement about her. She had that look that horses sometimes have when they can see something you can't. At the moment I'm trying to pick up the various colours that were reflecting from her, soft pinky tones and off course blue but also little flashes of yellow ochre. Forgot to say yesterday that I'm doing this on a board in oils and it measures 6x6.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Not quite a Daily Painting....

I sat at my easel with great intentions of creating my first daily painting for my first blog....miserable failure. Off course it really isn't advisable to paint and watch the racing from Ayr and Kempton on TV at the same time. Add to that I normally work a bit bigger while doing horses....I know excuses excuses. All that said I'm quite pleased with the way its developing.

Looks a bit pale as I took the photo in the studio....bit wet and blustry in Bonnie Scotland today definately not the kind of day to be outside photographing. This pretty little Arab has a really pretty head and a lovely kind eye. Tend to spend quite a bit of time getting the drawing right as I hate making alterations part way through, also I always paint the eye first in any horse or dog work always feel that if I get the eye right everything else just seems to follow. Off to tuck in the horses for the evening and then a spot of dinner, would like to say I will finish it off this evening but think tonight is night to be sitting in front of the fire.

Friday, 9 January 2009

First Blog

Well they say you have to try something different every once in a while so this is different for me my very first blog. Having just joined the Canine Art Guild and looked through some of the blogs from other members.......I have a long way to go too catch up.

Can't promise that this will be an everyday occurance, can't believe that some of these artists not only do a painting a day but manage too find the time to post them on their blog LOL but will try. Working on a small head study of a lovely Arabian mare which might or might not be completed by the end of the day, depending on how much time I play on here ( thats technical for finding out how this works) instead of working on the easel. Fingers crossed.....mean while just to find out if I can heres one I did earlier....much earlier.

Simply Beautiful Pastel 24x20 Commission