Sunday, 18 January 2009

Catching Up......

Been using the weekend too catch up on housework, shopping e.t.c. so haven't had a chance to sit at the easel. Also catching up on paperwork and keeping the website up to date. These are all things that my non artists friends forget I have to do when they think I sit around all day doing nothing.....well they don't actually come right out and say that (too scared) but I know they think Especially during summer months when I might be taking paintings to Dunkeld or Aberfeldy I get that "Ok for some", they forget that I'm still working when I'm delivering too Galleries....mind you on a lovely day (we do get the odd one or two n Scotland) it tends to feel like playing hookie lol.

As I'm no further forward with the Foxhound I'll post one from the website of another favourite model a Freisian cow. I like to give them names after I've painted them for one it makes it easier to give the painting a title and makes it more personal.

Felicity Oil on Board 8x8 £250-

Available from my website

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