Monday, 26 January 2009

Feeling Guilty.....

Feeling a little guilty as I haven't been creating these past few days....well that's a lie really have been "creating" but nothing worth sharing or should I say nothing I consider worth sharing. Everything we do is a learning curve so nothing is wasted and I put it down too experimentation.

Anyway went for a walk this morning in the winter sunshine, well what my Grandmother used to call a watery sun....which is sunshine in low batteries lol. But it helped clear my head and I now have a plan of action, and I've cut and primed some small boards ready to start. The beauty of being an artist is that even in the bleak mid winter you can bring a little summer into the studio with the help of reference sketches or photos. Sometimes a sift through the collection is all that it takes to get the juices up and running....well maybe not running lol.

Light really wasn't that great this morning for taking photos but I loved these nosey young bullocks peeking at me and the dogs through the trees so I thought I'd share.

Have a good day all :))


Judith A . Bates said...

It looks like you live in a very inspiring part of the country, with an endless source of inspiration. I think your right, I have found that starting a blog lately has made me get into the studio and paint more...but don't feel guilty, lol, your art is certainly worth waiting for!

Happy painting,

art-fromscotland said...

Thanks for that Jude and yes I am blessed by where I live and when the mind draws a blank I don't have to go far for inspiration :))