Friday, 9 January 2009

First Blog

Well they say you have to try something different every once in a while so this is different for me my very first blog. Having just joined the Canine Art Guild and looked through some of the blogs from other members.......I have a long way to go too catch up.

Can't promise that this will be an everyday occurance, can't believe that some of these artists not only do a painting a day but manage too find the time to post them on their blog LOL but will try. Working on a small head study of a lovely Arabian mare which might or might not be completed by the end of the day, depending on how much time I play on here ( thats technical for finding out how this works) instead of working on the easel. Fingers crossed.....mean while just to find out if I can heres one I did earlier....much earlier.

Simply Beautiful Pastel 24x20 Commission

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