Monday, 12 January 2009

Morning Walks.....

Nothing like a long walk in the morning with the dogs to start off the day. After all the stinky wet stuff that’s been falling from the sky it was nice to wake to a damp but rain free morning. Both my boys are getting on a bit now, they were 11 on Christmas Eve, Joshua is starting to lose his sight and apparently his hearing although I think that is selective. Spike has lost his coat and I mean literally and looks more like a Chinese Crested than a Pomeranian various tests proved inconclusive and as he is otherwise a bright and happy chappie its something we are learning to live with, although apparently without any jacket, jumper or coat that I’ve bought for him, he’s not a cissy boy lol. Looking back it all started with the progression of my mothers Altzeimer’s, lets just say it wasn’t a happy home for a while and being a sensitive wee dog I think that was his reaction too all that was going on, though it has never grown back. Most people that we meet on our walk (walking their spaniels, labs, lurchers e.t.c) are surprised with how far they walk, they forget that these are mini huskies LOL. Only draw back is on the way home Joshua doesn’t do going back and I usually have to resort to carrying him at least part of the way……or I would never get any work done.

As I said nothing like a walk in the morning to start your day and natures medicine to clear your head. Even at this time of year when everything is slumbering there’s always something to inspire…..ten young Charlie cows all huddled together eating the winter rations that the farmer had just left them all jostling together each wanting the bite that the other had, their coats all curly like someone with an afro who has been caught in the rain. And the steam rising from their bodies and mouths creating a halo around them…’s mornings like that makes you wish you had brought your camera. Alas it’s at home in the warmth….never mind its one of those scenes that remains in your head and some day in the future the colours, light and atmosphere will help you with some other work your working on.

Finished the Arabian and I’m quite pleased with it, untitled at the moment and will let it sit for a little while until it comes to me. Tomorrow..... well plan is to paint a rather lovely foxhound

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