Saturday, 10 January 2009

Not quite a Daily Painting....

I sat at my easel with great intentions of creating my first daily painting for my first blog....miserable failure. Off course it really isn't advisable to paint and watch the racing from Ayr and Kempton on TV at the same time. Add to that I normally work a bit bigger while doing horses....I know excuses excuses. All that said I'm quite pleased with the way its developing.

Looks a bit pale as I took the photo in the studio....bit wet and blustry in Bonnie Scotland today definately not the kind of day to be outside photographing. This pretty little Arab has a really pretty head and a lovely kind eye. Tend to spend quite a bit of time getting the drawing right as I hate making alterations part way through, also I always paint the eye first in any horse or dog work always feel that if I get the eye right everything else just seems to follow. Off to tuck in the horses for the evening and then a spot of dinner, would like to say I will finish it off this evening but think tonight is night to be sitting in front of the fire.

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