Thursday, 15 January 2009


Been working away on my Foxhound this morning and although its early days have a good feeling about it. Off course that could be just wishful thinking on my part. I love the look on this guys face never taking his eye from the huntsman and just waiting for the even now with next to nothing done I'm going to call this Eager don't know what size it will finish at as will trim it when finished but this is another oil on board.

Worked a bit more on this in the afternoon. Really enjoying myself been a wee while since I've really felt that, sometimes we just get caught up in what we do, it becomes automatic and if I'm honest I've felt like that for most of last year and the year before that. My art has always been somewhere I could escape to, maybe a wrong choice of words, somewhere I can lose myself for a few hours. But sometimes things happen in your life that you can't block out and that inner sanctuary gets whooshed around as well (good word whooshed). They say that time heals all things....just could be


Judith A . Bates said...

Hi Elizabeth, I'm a fellow CAG member and I just wanted to let you know that I really admire the painterly quality of your work. I just started a blog myself after being inspired by "Art with a Bark." I look forward to following yours!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Judy and thanks for being my first follower. I'm really enjoying painting the Foxhound he has such a pleasant Also having a lot of fun with the Blog gives me a bit more encouragement to paint something every day :))