Sunday, 1 February 2009


Path of the Stream 6x6 Acrylic £120- includes s/h
Available from my website
I painted 'The Path of the Stream' after my walk with the dogs this morning so it couldn't be more freshly off the easel. Although I hasten too add it's from photographs taken in the summer of last year (still feels odd saying last year) it looks nothing like that in this morning's freezing temperature. The stream or burn as we call them here in Scotland flows under an old railway bridge, its been many years since a train has crossed it and is now re-surfaced and is used by walkers, runners, people on bicycles and riders. I usually have a little stop here much to the annoyance of the dogs, not because I've stopped walking but because they can't see what I'm looking at lol. What I'm looking at varies from day to day and season to season this morning it was a heron who startled me as much I him. He had been standing in close to the bridge and when my head and shoulders appeared over the side he took off in quite a flurry of activity. He landed quite a bit away but even at the distance I could feel his beady eye fixed on me. Anyway for some reason that reminded me of these photographs and I have to say I turned back to get to the easel when it was fresh in my mind.....that also annoyed the dogs lol.
Have had three invitations for Spring Exhibitions so really is time to buckle down and create new work. The first opens on the 21st March at the Maclaurin Galleries and is an exhibtion of 101 Scottish artists, then its the Torrance Gallery in Edinburgh on 27th March and then The Aberfeldy Gallery on the 4th April so the new year has started.
Happy paintings where ever you are :))


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Simply beautiful!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Gail :))

jane augenstein said...

Beautiful painting! I can almost hear the water flowing by...
Your story of the heron reminded me of one that flew out from under a bridge that I was riding Gilly over. Scared us both! (and probably the heron too!) Gilly jumped and landed
spread-legged in the road,head up and snorting, thankfully he didn't try to turn and bolt!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for your comments Jane. Yes aren't horses fun when you least expect it lol. Had a similar event with Rio my first horse involving a hare......could say it was a hairy experiance lol.