Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Foxhound 6x6 Acrylic
The Lesson

Magic Hands
Madam looking a little fluffy in her coat
Didn't get much done to the above 6x6 as I started it late in the afternoon but hopefully with nothing to lead me astray tomorrow I'll get it finished. This is a lovely looking hound mostly white in colour with what I'd call cream but think they term it as lemon and's his eyes that attract me pale and very intense. I'm enjoying trying to capture his look so fingers crossed this will be a nice one.
Reason I was held up was Madam had managed to draw the shoe off her off fore at the weekend and Jim the farrier came today to put new shoes on up front. For once I remembered my camera so took some photos for the scrapbook.......he had a young lad with him today learning the ropes. Jim and his brother Allan are probably the finest farriers in Scotland and theres never a shortage of young lads wanting apprenticeships with them. And indeed Tara owes her life to Jim few years back she had an awful reaction to steriods that the vet administered to clear up a small cut. The steriods caused her to founder on all four feet and it was a worrying time and still is....she now needs very careful management too prevent it happening again.

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