Thursday, 30 April 2009


"Bertie" Acrylic 8x8 £250- framed 0r £225- unframed
Just finished the work in progress and I've named it Bertie. Mostly give all my calf/cattle paintings an actual name, its easier that than trying to continuely think up new title's for the painting. He's a bonnie wee calf and I'm sure there is someone out there just waiting to give him a new home. He's available at the moment from the website so if you would love to own him I'd snap him up quick as he will be destined from the Dowhill Farm, Turnberry exhibition. Last time I exhibited there none of the coos came home.
Thanks for visiting and hopefully you'll come back again :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Would have liked to get a bit more done today but you can't help life getting in the way. Have to say I'm quite pleased so far but looking forward to getting the backside done. For such a young calf he's already got quite a rump on him lol.....will maybe call it "Does my bum look big in this?"
Thanks for looking in and hope you'll come by again tomorrow.

Monday, 27 April 2009


The day started with such good intentions but at least I know I'll have somewhere to start tomorrow :))
Thanks for looking and hope you'll join me tomorrow.

Friday, 24 April 2009


Ripening Crops Acrylic 6x6 £120- or £100 unframed
Things are starting to get a little greener here but this is a little artistic license as it's not quite as lush. I love these little corners in a field that gives you a view right across to the faint blue hills beyond. Hope it makes you look forward to the coming months. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Enjoy art where ever you are.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Big Skies over Perthshire Acrylic 6x6 £120- framed or £100- unframed
Been struggling with photoshop trying to get the colours right on this one. It's fairly good but a little deeper in the flesh so to speak. I love these views when I'm taking paintings up North. It makes the journey shorter. Perthshire is really the gateway to the Highlands that inbetweeny where you still get soft pasture land with smaller peaks rising behind it. Hope you enjoy it.
The painting is on board and measures 6"x6" and the medium is acrylic it is available at the moment, anyone interested can email me. Almost forgot I seem to be on a roll at the moment I got news today that I've sold "Ayrshire Landscape" at the Torrance Gallery Spring Exhibition in Edinburgh
Enjoy your art where ever you are.

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." -- Anonymous

Monday, 20 April 2009


The Hairy One Acrylic 6x6 £120- framed or £100- unframed

Finished and hot of the easel, enjoyed working on it this morning and feel I've managed to capture his rich colour and thick coat. It is starting to come out but will probably be June/July before he has a proper summer one. If not sold beforehand the painting will be going to Dowhill in May. Anyone who would like to own this colourful acrylic painting can contact me by email. The painting is acrylic on board and measures 6"x6" it's priced at £150- with a quality frame or £125 unframed.
101 exhibition closed yesterday at the Maclaurin Galleries and I'm pleased to here was a great success I was lucky to sell both my works and the small sketch which I donated was also sold so I'm really over the moon. In fact while I was typing these posts also got more good news from the Aberfeldy Gallery to let me know they've sold "Summer Haze" .....a good day all in all :))
Enjoy your art whereever you may be.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

THE HAIRY ONE ACRYLIC 6X6 work in progress

Had hoped too finish this before posting but time has caught up with me. Wanted a painting on here today even an unfinsihed one before everyone started to think I was turning into a photographer. The subject matter will be easy recognised ( I hope) by those who visit regularly as Tara's side kick Dougal. He's acually been harder to do than I would have thought....difficult to find shape in amongst all that hair.......trouble even in a painting lol.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Dozing Acrylic 12x12 sold
Today has been one of those days when you seem to have been doing something all day long but got nothing done. If you get my drift lol. Had hoped to have a wee coo painting finished and on here for all to see but not finished and actually if I'm honest barely started. Morning started with me hanging about up at the yard waiting for the vet to come and give the horses their flu jabs. After the lovely Easter weekend we had you would have thought the worse of the weather would be past us and it would have been a lovely time taking in the such luck, oh the sun was shining but the wind must have been minus ten and fairly did it's best to rearrange the wig. The rest of the day followed doing little tasks till before I knew it was time for dinner and now here I am just about to get ready for bed when I thought I'd post a coo anyway. This is from my archives of past work. Was a study of one of Jack Carswell's bullocks lying dozing in the morning sun and if I remember correctly went to live in Perth after being sold in Dunkeld......that's the painting not the coo.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Towards the Sma' Glen Acrylic 6x6 £120- or £100- unframed
Felt like doing a wee landscape this morning. Quick flick through my reference photos got the juices flowing and this is what I came up with. This is on the road to Aberfeldy on what we call the scenic or tourist route which takes you through the Sma' Glen. Sma' for those who don't know is Scotch for small. Believe me when I say this Sma' Glen is anything but Sma and as the road meanders through the glen with hills on both sides you feel a little like the meat in the sandwich. Not sure I'd like to be on it in the middle of a Perthshire winter but in the summer it's fair braw.
It was done on board in acrylic and my palette consisted off Titanium White, French Ultramarine, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Naples Yellow and Naples Yellow Deep. I started with a wash of Raw Sienna then once it dried I just started from the top and made my way down no sketch just paint straight on the board. That is one of the benefits of using acrylic how quickly if dries. Will be available from the website at £150- or £125- unframed. If you are interested in this one or have your eye on something else you can contact me through the website or by email.
Enjoy your art where ever you are :)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Almost forgot Aunt and Uncle loved their wee lamb and I managed to finish it on time. It will have pride of place by now on the wall. My next group exhibition will be at Dowhill Farm on the Girvan coastline near to the famous Turnberry Golf Course and Hotel. Dowhill is a working farm (famous for breeding Hereford cattle) which opened itself to the public to sell it's produce in the farm shops and tea room. Will be exhibiting with the same group of artists as was with last time I was there. Hopefully will be as successful as last time, when my little paintings of cattle were a hit. That gives you a clue as to what you'll be seeing over the next few weeks :))

Monday, 13 April 2009


Holiday weekend is over.....THANK GOODNESS, sorry to be a bah humbug but I for one will be glad to get back to normal. Guess being self employed and working from home the holiday spirit has left me somewhere down the road. Or is it that now I'm a self employed artist the things like painting and sketching which where things I did on holiday are something I do all the time. I also live in a small quiet village....well it is unless everyone's on holiday, kid's on holiday from school, lawn mower's going all weekend and worse my lovely quiet peaceful country walk is turned into George's Square in Glasgow. Oh NO I've turned into a moaning old foggie LOL but can't wait for tomorrow when I promise we'll be back to paintings. Meanwhile a few more photos..........from the top down. 1. Tara enjoying her freedom. 2. Dougal being totally unimpressed by how quick she can run. There are occassions when he has a brain storm and tries to keep up, but those days are few and far between now. 3. The powder puff himself. 4. A won't bore you with how long it's taken me to get a photo of one of these little Yellow Hammers...but I'm pleased with the one I've got.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Sorry about the rather dull photograph but I had to take it in the studio as it's a bit dark now outside. Didn't get as much work done as I had hoped today but as won't see Aunt and Uncle until Saturday will get it finished tomorrow. Been quite difficult to do because of it's curly coat it's difficult to get a clear idea of the anatomy but first time I've painted a lamb so it's a learning curve.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


The Winner acrylic wash 8x8 £160-
This is quite an interesting one.....a bit of an experiment. It's an acrylic wash on gessoed board and is done with only two colours ultramarine and burnt sienna well three if you count the smidgen of white I used on the highlights because I had put some burnt sienna in the gesso. I'm swithering whether to do another one with the horse's head turned a little to give a better profile....might even do one of the Grand National winner Mon Mome he has a very distinctive white star but that will be for another day.


With Easter almost on us this wee WIP is appropriate though not an Easter Bunny but an Easter Lamb. It's actually a gift for my Aunt and Uncle who I'm ashamed to say have been waiting for it for quite a warned relatives of artists your last on the list for painting's. Quite pleased with it at the moment, this little baby has a really sweet head. That said I'm trying to avoid giving it the cuddly look hoping for a more ethereal one. Had hoped to finish it today but I have to go up to Glasgow on an errand so will be tomorrow....cutting it super fine for Easter....typical lol.
Enjoy your art

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Had one or two messages today about the coloured foal WIP, and I would like to thank those who contacted me to say they liked it. Better let you all know that artistic temperament came into play and it's been gessoed over to be reincarnated at some point....possibly not even as a coloured foal. As I told Jane yesterday my late Mother was forever telling me when I was in one of my I hate my art tantrums...but someone will like it dear. Off course at the end of the day I hope that someone will like my work enough to buy it BUT I paint because I have too and I have too like what I'm painting, getting someone to buy is a bonus. Well tomorrow will be another day and another painting but to make up for no painting today you'll find some on the right hand menu along with a little quote.
Happy painting.

Monday, 6 April 2009


Nothing seems to be going well with this one today even the image on here looks more green than golden. Have had a wee cup of tea and some lunch thinking when I came back things would look different....they don't, still want to heave it out the window or shred it into tiny little pieces. Artistic bet, add to that born under the star sign of Aries and you'll figure it's not a good time to be sitting anywhere near me Sometimes it just doesn't
get there, your mind just isn't in the zone, but I'll give it a bit longer before before I call it quits....that's the Scot in me lol. So if you don't ever see this one again, don't worry it'll be recycled and back as a landscape, seascape, woodland scene might even be a castle lol.
Hope your day is more productive and better than mine.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

COLOURED FOAL....not much further forward

Sorry not much further on with this one.....been having a lazy day. Too be honest I've sat and looked at it for most of the day wondering which way I'm going to go with it. Should I go for leaving it as a study or surrounded in lush pasture or in a dark background with him partially lit. Mmmm spoiled for choice.


"Hidden Post" Acrylic 12x12 £350- SOLD

Well I'm very pleased to say that the Aberfeldy Gallery has had a good start to their Spring Exhibition. And, even more pleased to say that Judy phoned me an hour ago to let me know that I had sold "Hidden Post" I'm grinning from ear to ear :))). It's so nice in these trying times to get a wee boost.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Started this study of a bonnie coloured foal while watching the lead up to this years Grand National........I'm a woman can multi-task. Actually it's calming my nerves anyone would think I was riding in the be honest I much prefer the re-run when I know what's happened to everyone and hopefully all are home safe. My tip well quite fancy Rambling Minstrel the Reveley runner. Well the runners are having a look at the first fence so soon be lining up. Might be back later with next stage of the foal.

Friday, 3 April 2009


Sorry no painting today, well none that are finished. So just photos from my walk this morning and one from the garden. Top is a close up of the lovely little bell shape flowers my pieris has at this time of year before the lovely flame spears appear. Looking up close at them can imagine the faeries at the bottom of the garden will use them for hats.....just humour me lol. Middle one....loved the fluffy catkins coming out against the darker background....really helped lift my spirits. As did the bottom one of a bonnie wee finch. I really take my hat off to people who photograph wildlife for a living, took me ages to get this, they are nippy wee things skooting here and there.......I swear they were taking a rise out of me.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Summer Haze Acrylic 6x6 £120-

Summer Flourish Acrylic 16x16 £500-

Hidden Post Acrylic 12x12 £350- SOLD

Saturday sees the opening of the Spring echibition at the Aberfeldy Gallery. Above are the three paintings I will be exhibiting. The exhibition is now showing online from The Aberfeldy Gallery and is well worth a look. Take my word for it Aberfeldy is a beautiful place to visit. I well remember my first visit it corresponded with their Highland Games. I had stopped a little way out of the town to let the dogs out and have a drink when out of nowhere came the sound of Bagpipes. Later found out it was the sound carrying through the glens but for a split second it felt a bit like Brigadoon.


Have been taking time out today as it's such a lovely one and the garden is screaming for attention along with a million other things but it'll all get done in it's on good is garden day. Tonight will be aching back and shoulders but the satisfaction of looking out the window at tidier borders make it worthwhile. Which brings me to the title of the post TOO MUCH LIKE HARD WORK, thinking I could keep two blogs going. SO...... sorry for confusing everyone but I'll be back to normal instead of all over the place....PHEW was exhausting lol.
If you already had a look at my other blog this morning then you'll have seen these photos, even have my camera when I'm gardening lol. First is Joshua having a wee nap before helping out. Second is Josh looking all cuddly and fluffy. Third is a wee Blue Tit that came to investicate what I was doing to HIS garden.
Forgot to say the reason Joshua carries his head a little to the side is he's almost blind. Sometimes plays on it though, like when I'll come downstairs and he sit's at the top doing his I can't see routine until I go back up and retrieve him. Off course someone rattle's the letterbox and he's down faster than a Greyhound out of trap six...LOL

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

RIPPLES ACRYLIC 6X6 £120- or £100 unframed

Ripples Acrylic 6x6 £120- or £100- unframed

Photographed this one in the studio and not too sure about the colouring so look back in tomorrow when I've had a chance to take it in natural light. This is a corner of the pond at Rozelle Pack loved the ripples and reflections and the shrubs hanging over the pond. Will have to try and get back down for the Rodedendrons blooming to give it more colour.