Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Had one or two messages today about the coloured foal WIP, and I would like to thank those who contacted me to say they liked it. Better let you all know that artistic temperament came into play and it's been gessoed over to be reincarnated at some point....possibly not even as a coloured foal. As I told Jane yesterday my late Mother was forever telling me when I was in one of my I hate my art tantrums...but someone will like it dear. Off course at the end of the day I hope that someone will like my work enough to buy it BUT I paint because I have too and I have too like what I'm painting, getting someone to buy is a bonus. Well tomorrow will be another day and another painting but to make up for no painting today you'll find some on the right hand menu along with a little quote.
Happy painting.



Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I had the same thought this evening. Working on a unicorn I hate. It may be destined for the trash can!!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Well I'm not alone then lol.....off course there are times when you can get through the I hate it stage and it turns out to be the BEST you've ever done.....but on the whole you just know...smile