Thursday, 16 April 2009


Dozing Acrylic 12x12 sold
Today has been one of those days when you seem to have been doing something all day long but got nothing done. If you get my drift lol. Had hoped to have a wee coo painting finished and on here for all to see but not finished and actually if I'm honest barely started. Morning started with me hanging about up at the yard waiting for the vet to come and give the horses their flu jabs. After the lovely Easter weekend we had you would have thought the worse of the weather would be past us and it would have been a lovely time taking in the such luck, oh the sun was shining but the wind must have been minus ten and fairly did it's best to rearrange the wig. The rest of the day followed doing little tasks till before I knew it was time for dinner and now here I am just about to get ready for bed when I thought I'd post a coo anyway. This is from my archives of past work. Was a study of one of Jack Carswell's bullocks lying dozing in the morning sun and if I remember correctly went to live in Perth after being sold in Dunkeld......that's the painting not the coo.

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