Monday, 6 April 2009


Nothing seems to be going well with this one today even the image on here looks more green than golden. Have had a wee cup of tea and some lunch thinking when I came back things would look different....they don't, still want to heave it out the window or shred it into tiny little pieces. Artistic bet, add to that born under the star sign of Aries and you'll figure it's not a good time to be sitting anywhere near me Sometimes it just doesn't
get there, your mind just isn't in the zone, but I'll give it a bit longer before before I call it quits....that's the Scot in me lol. So if you don't ever see this one again, don't worry it'll be recycled and back as a landscape, seascape, woodland scene might even be a castle lol.
Hope your day is more productive and better than mine.


jane augenstein said...

Elizabeth, don't be too hard on yourself! I like the color the background is! I really like how it's turning out; hope he doesn't turn into something else! :-)
Jane and Gilly

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for that Jane but don't worry about me being too hard on myself, just an artist thing as I'm sure you'll know :)). My late Mum was forever telling me when I got upset when a painting wasn't going right "Someone will like it". That isn't the point with me, I have to like it. So sadly he is as I type been primed over. Not sure what he'll come back as maybe a fat, hairy Dougal lol. But I am grateful for your thoughts xx

jane augenstein said...

Well, Elizabeth, I do know what you mean,when hooking a rug if I don't like it the it gets RIPPED out! LOL
But I did like the color! :-)