Friday, 3 April 2009


Sorry no painting today, well none that are finished. So just photos from my walk this morning and one from the garden. Top is a close up of the lovely little bell shape flowers my pieris has at this time of year before the lovely flame spears appear. Looking up close at them can imagine the faeries at the bottom of the garden will use them for hats.....just humour me lol. Middle one....loved the fluffy catkins coming out against the darker background....really helped lift my spirits. As did the bottom one of a bonnie wee finch. I really take my hat off to people who photograph wildlife for a living, took me ages to get this, they are nippy wee things skooting here and there.......I swear they were taking a rise out of me.


Sarah said...

Oh beautiful!!!! I do love the little bell shaped flowers!!!! Sarah

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Me too bluebells :))