Thursday, 7 May 2009


Scudding Clouds Acrylic 6x6
Available from Elizabeth McCrindle's Art From Scotland website
Was off getting feedstuff for the horses today and thought I'd take the round trip back into Kilmarnock via Craigie Hill. Was just about to turn off for Craigie village when Barn Weil Tower caught my eye to the right. Had my camera with me so thought I'd go take some photos for my other Blog. I have to say the views from Barn Weil on a good day are pretty breath taking and well worth the one track road up to it....praying you don't meet someone coming the other way especially tractors. Today though was pretty much a dead loss as everything was a bit dreicht. This little 6x6 painting is how it should look on a good day.....well how I remember it looking.
Thanks for visiting and hope you'll drop by again soon.


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Oh this makes me long to be seeing the same. Only a few months till the summer. You've captured the light just right:)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Sheona been pretty wet and blustry these past few days could do with some summer weather. Typical Ayr County Show this weekend.