Saturday, 16 May 2009


With all the biz of getting things ready for the exhibition at Dowhill it was great to just sit down and start something new. Off course my head started buzzing about what I should start.....landscape, another calf......finally decided after going out and about with my camera looking for inspiration that I would do another study of the hairy monster....he is kinda cute :)
Check back tomorrow to see the progress


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, your paintings are fab and I love your blog! There is something I see in the photos, a situation that if adjusted just a tad will make your photos more true to your paintings. Your camera, like I found mine did, uploads a bit of a brightness haze that once adjusted just the teeniest bit will make photos as truly deep and colorful as your paintings actually are. I wanted to email this to you, but couldn't find an email address, so I hope you don't mind. When you upload your photos to your computer, before saving adjust your contrast and exposure options just the teeniest tad, play around with them a bit and you will see what I am writing about, and you can get your photos to look as crisp true color-wise as your paintings do. You can even put the painting next to your computer and get it dead on. I hope you don't mind my suggestion, but I think your paintings are so wonderful, and you will love how this works. Keep doing great work! (someone who loves your work)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for the advice I'm afraid I'm a bit of a donkey when it comes to the technical side of things but will take on board what you've said. Thanks for the lovely comments about my work it is very much appreciated :))