Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I'm getting annoyed with how long it's taking to get this done. Yesterday I had to do an errand which took longer than usual and by the time I had finished I had to get on with the mundane tasks of housekeeping.....when I become rich and famous I'm getting a housekeeper.....I can but dream but I'll settle for a bit rich. This afternoon I have a dentist appointment which means I'll have to stop again. Off course this isn't the only one I'm working on in between the mini cows and landscapes....just feel like a moan. Picked up a copy of Artists & Illustrators yesterday because it had a feature on painting horses, a rare thing in an art magazine...actually quite a good magazine if you can get your hands on one. Jacqueline Stanhope an artist whose work I enjoy is one of the equestrian artists featured.......I loved one of her top tips "Painting a picture is not open-heart surgery but I regularly meet people who are frightened of 'failure'. Loosen up and have some fun!"


Gary Keimig said...

I know whsat you mean about things keep getting in the way of production. I was hopeing to get close to finishing my latest painting[the deer on my blog]when yeaterday I lifted the yard hose to move it and turned only to have a tree branch jab me in the eye. Boy was that painful as was the rest of the day and night. Went to the clinic this afternoon and got a tetanus shot and anti-biotics for it. Feeling a lot better this evening but sure put a damper on what I wanted to do.
The horse is really looking good. Will be checking in on it.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Ouch!! that sounds nasty Greg could have been real nasty, glad to hear your feeling a bit better though. Just shows how quickly things can change by something simple like lifting a hose. Thanks for the comments about the painting I'm quite happy with it and fingers crossed I might just get it finished today :)