Sunday, 26 July 2009


From Top of the Hill
Acrylic 6x6
Been a bit rainy today but the best thing about being an artist is you can transport yourself from the rain to a bit of sunshine. Love to make the most of this time of year as I feel it helps you through the cold and wind of January and February. Nothing to beat leaning on a gate looking down through the fields with lush greenery everywhere, birds twittering and the smell of wildflowers in the hedgerow. I also love to pick out the white dots of small holdings and farms and get to wondering what they are doing today. Hope I've sent I little your way with this litle painting.

Thanks for dropping by and be sure to visit again soon :)


Melody Lea Lamb said...

What a great little painting Elizabeth, it definitely has the feel of our local summer landscape.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Melody I'm glad you liked it. It's lovely to see everything so green and fresh at the moment :)