Saturday, 25 July 2009

Good News and Highland Coo's....

It's always a bittle deflating when a painting doesn't go as planned and with other stuff going on was on a little downer this morning. Then I remembered the Highland Coo's that I noticed last week one of the day's I was picking up my Aunt. When I arrived at the field I thought for a moment they had been moved then in the far corner I noticed them takng a morning nap in the long grass. A wee whistle from me got the head up and there peeking through the grass was that unmistakeable wild fringe with a impressive set of horns on top. If you look a little to the right of her head there's a thistle growing in the grass.......two scottish icons together :)
After leisurely getting to her feet, a few shakes of her ginger locks and a stretch she gave me a pose. Lovely clean horns with not a nick or a scratch.

Almost missed the wee bit fluff hiding in the hedgerow...adorable!!

Now for the good news :) came home to find that I'd sold the last of my three paintings at the Dunkeld Cathedral Art Exhibition. Have always loved this wee study of a hound and I'm glad he's found a new home in Cumbria where I hope he'll continue to give his new owners many years of pleasure. I'm accepting commissions at the moment, so if you've been considering getting your horse/dog painted now's the time to get in the queue before slots fill up.....could be one less Christmas gift you'll have to think about.


jane augenstein said...

Beautiful pictures of the long horned cow and baby. Baby is adorable!
Congrats on your sales!!! I loved that dog picture, he is gorgeous!
~Jane and Gilly~

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Jane glad you liked them...I love Highland cows they have an easy going nature. Just like the rest of us Scot's lol

Jennifer Rose said...

skeebies! :D I just love them, would have one or two if we had the room lol

congrats on the sale :D

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for the congrats, just proves the buyers are out there :)

I'd have them too but no room :(