Saturday, 25 July 2009


"It's all water off a duck's back" is one off the saying's my Grand Mother used to have when you had done something you wished you hadn't and ended up feeing bad about it. Well my duck was actually a charolais calf, which in my hurry to get it done, I made a bollock's off it or should that be a bullock lol. See I can laugh about it now, guaranteed I wasn't laughing at the time when I realised it was never going to get past the ugly stage a painting sometimes takes on before it crystalises into 'the best you've ever done'. That's the thing about doing a work in progress, like live television there is always the chance off things going wrong, but no worries paintings go wrong all the time and you just have to take a deep breath, learn from the mistake and start again, while smiling through gritted teeth lol. I sifted through my photos for one too match this post.....sorry no wet ducks but a bridge with a puddle under it, but same philosophy 'all water under the bridge'.
Have a great day where ever you are :)

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