Thursday, 13 August 2009


This sweet wee cow was having a siesta when I was taking her photograph and she has a look of "Go away and give me peace" lol. I didn't disturb them too much and she was carrying on with her wee snooze when I left. That's one of the good things about cows they rarely over do it and make for good models...though they can be prone too curiosity. An artist friend had a run in with a herd once when she was doing a spot of plein air painting. Not being very confident around big animals she took off when they appeared. When she returned she discovered they had licked all the paint off her that made for some interesting cow pats lol.

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Jennifer Rose said...

i would have just painted the cows into the picture lol or a picture of the cows eating the paint :p

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Was a good source off amusement for us, along with many other funny stories :)She is an amazing artist and something of a mentor to me....must post some of her work.