Saturday, 22 August 2009


"Best Friends"
Oil on Board 12x10

While the bulk of my work is sold through galleries or privately from my home studio I also do commission work. In fact back in the beginning when I skipped in daily to my day job in evenings and weekends I was painting horses, dogs and ponies to commission, and when I started full time painting they were the bulk of my income while I tried to get work hung in galleries. Both forms have their rewards, with galleries you are creating your own pieces, what you want to do, and people who know art are buying YOUR work, its a tremendous buzz. Commissions are a little different but just as rewarding. I love when distance allows and I can visit my subject spend time with them and take my own reference photos. The visit is invalueable as you also get to see first hand the interaction there is with the horse, dog, pony e.t.c. with their owner. I can off course work from your own photos though they must be yours and not photographs you have had professionally taken. Commissions are priced by size, by the number of subjects and whether they are head studies or full body poses. They start at £250- for a 8x12 head study. If you are considering a commision why not get in touch with no obligations to discuss what your looking for.

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