Sunday, 16 August 2009


"In The Roots"
Acrylic 6x6
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Been a bit blowy here today in Scotland, there is definately a change coming in the air and in my surroundings. The country walk I use every morning is changing it's colours, the rich lush greens of last month and the bright coloured flowerings are dulling. Brambles are peeking out through the hedgerows and the grasses are turning gold and yellow. Did this little painting this afternoon, it's an old fence post that has been almost lost in the overgrown hedge and undergrowth at the moment there's just a hint of the rust colours that will prevail come the end of the month. I kind of like this slowing down period.


Jennifer Rose said...

the weather is def. changing, getting a little colder at night now. everything is still green here though, but probably not for long

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Shorter daylight as well was almost dark at 9.15 last night....still pretty green here but you can see the yellow and golds coming

Diana Marshall said...

Beautiful painting as always, looks like it has the pre- Autumnal feeling to it.
You don't mention the support you paint on, I have just gone back to using my acrylics and am frustrated as they seem to dry instantly, I am painting on gessoed MDF. It is difficult to change now I am used to oils but I was inspired by your paintings.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Diana glad you liked it. I'm painting on gessoed MDF as well. They can be very frustrating when they dry so quickly especially when I'm doing animals and would like the wet on wet you get with oils but over the years I've just got used to it.Wish I could tell you there was an easy way but it's just practice I had to teach myself to paint with acrylics after I started painting full time...took an allergic reaction to oils... I still work with them from time to time though using a low odour turps