Sunday, 16 August 2009

Perks of being an Artist...

"Reflections and Ripples"
Acrylic 16x16
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"Lush Pastures"
Acrylic 24x24
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"Arran Has Snow"
Acrylic 20x20
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One of the perks of being an artist is there is never a shortage of painting's for the walls. The drawback in some case's is they become part of the furniture and blend in so well you tend to forget about them, as it the case of the three above. You can find them in my Art From Scotland Gallery blog at the moment but they'll be taking off to exhibitions soon. Another reason I hang my paintings as soon as they are framed is not only to give a show to clients who come in the look out for a painting but to protect the frames. Anyone who is an artist knows what it's like when a frame takes a knock, it's easy done if they're on the floor placed against a wall. Just takes a little tap but can mean having to re-frame. Mine are mostly hung in the hall with the only draw back being if they're are a few exhibitions on at once I tend too looked Well I'm off to start another wee one hope you all are having a great day.


ginamurrow said...

I know what you mean about the walls looking burgled. Our house always looks bare just before a show, or like at the moment, when I'm low on paintings. The upside is you get to change your art on the walls often.

I especially like "Lush Pastures" above. The rhythm in the composition is beautiful. My eye just dances through the painting. Well done.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Yep that's another of te plus side's too painting you get too change around every now and again.
Thanks for the lovely comment on my work it's much appreciated :))

Lisannerosalie said...


They are beautiful, I can't say which is my favorite. I haven't visited since you posted "Sweetheart"... You are a prolific artist!
I shall be back more often! :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. I'm glad you find it hard to make one favourite as it means they all have some merit. I tend to find that the one which is on the easel is my favourite....until the next one :))