Sunday, 2 August 2009


"The Scraggy Tree"
Acrylic 6x6

Now I know this is a bit off a scraggy looking tree but honestly, that's it's appeal for me. I love that it's a little rough round the edges, and that you see through the holes in it's jacket. As trees go this one has a lived in feel and it will have seen a few comings and goings in it's life. Last year it looked even rougher than this infact there was quite a bit of bare branches and too be honest, I didn't think it would last much longer. Well I've been proved wrong and it now looks just fine. The road swings round and up the hill and there' I'm not going to tell you. Isn't that half the fun of a painting noticing little things each time you look and making your own story
Thanks for the visit and hope you drop by again soon.


Diana Marshall said...

love your scraggy tree, too perfect is boring.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

My sentiment too, must be the Celtic blood :))

Enjoyed looking at your blog!