Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Started work this morning on another 6x6 featuring the mini mammoth. Early stages at the moment really just blocking in before starting to build colour and then my favourite bit of highlighting. He's not going to be so hairy as he has his summer coat....well as summer a coat as he ever has lol. Off too make some lunch but will be back later so pop in too see how its turning out.

Golden Miller leading Delaneige n the 1934 Grand National by Charles Simpson
I am at the moment trying to clear some room in my studio. I have too admit to not being he tidiest of people but I do keep things in It's just that I never know which pile the object I'm looking for is in. I always, like every artist I know enjoy reading about or looking at art whether from books or magazines. The books are easy in that they are stored safely in my bookcase.....magazines I tend too keep for a little while then dismantle what I want from them and put into scrapbooks. These are treasures too me and on days when things are not happening at the easel I find comfort in looking through my scrapbook at the images of work that for one reason or another has caught my eye. Looking at them fires me up again to try harder too create something that maybe one day will give someone, somewhere the same spark to put their mark on a canvas. So instead of me keeping them too myself every now and then I'll share, starting with the above painting by Charles Simpson of the legendry steeple chaser Golden Miller winning the 1934 Grand National. I love the action in this, even the clouds seem too be moving. I can feel the effort the horses are putting in and the jockeys are right too he buckle. You can almost hear the birch being whipped from the last fence. Wonderful!!

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