Thursday, 3 September 2009

Coming Soon.....Save The Children Art Exhibition 2009

"Half Cut"
Acrylic 24x20
"Thunder in the Sky, Greenan Shore"
Acrylic 16x16
Today I'm going to get started on this years exhibits for the Annual Save The Children Fund Art Exhibition at Ayr. I am as usual running at the coo's tale as they have to be delivered to Rozelle on the 16th September though it's only the painting's that have to be done (hysterical laughter). I already know the titles and size off both paintings...confused....well, I recieve my entry forms usually by the middle of July and they then have to be completed and returned to the SCF secretary by the middle of August so the the catalogue can be organised. This year I'm sending "The Roosted Gate" for those not used to how us Scot's speak 'roosted' is slang for rust and the other title is "Sun Going Down, Dunure" both paintings will be in Acrylic and are 16x16. The frames are ready so just the matter of painting them (more hysterical laughter), getting them in the frame and it's a done deal. I have already looked out reference photos, that's how I got the titles but I've been painting long enough to know that it can never be that simple and that as someone dear too me so eloquently puts it "s**t happens". So now the moment of truth has arrived and the panic I mean adrenaline lol is kicking in. All will be well, they will be the best paintings I've ever done, they will be finished on time, all will be well, they will be the best paintings I've ever done, they will be finished on Suppose I better stop gassing and get on with it. The too above are pieces that were done on previous years. I'll be back with the works in progress.


Gary Keimig said...

good luck on the show and am sure you are finished with them now.??
Paint on.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Not quite Gary got a little ways to go yet. It's a really good exhibition for a very good cause, folk are pretty good both at visiting and buying from the show :) Show itself doesn't open it's doors until the 28th September but the paintings have to be there for the 16th.