Wednesday, 9 September 2009


"Study - After The Race"
Acrylic on heavy card 5x7

It's been a bit off a marathon doing this study and mostly because my concentration on the job at hand just wasn't there if I'm honest. But there were elements in the study that I did like, the eye still a little wild and the full nostrils blowing after the effort, so, rather than throw in the towel I used that dogged determination that us Scot's are famous for and refused to give in. I am happy with the result in that I've finished as much as I was going to do with it but not enough to put a price on it......that said if anyone out there love's it make me an offer ( a fair one) and it's your's. Keeping my fingers crossed now that the rain will stay off until I get my my grass cut :)
Hope your day has been good where ever you are.

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Linda Shantz said...

I think it's great, Elizabeth. It's a look I can appreciate. Maybe we could make a trade. :-D

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Linda I appreciate that coming from you....I'd be happy with a trade :))

Jennifer Rose said...

it has a lot of energy to it :)

nice and sunny here for a change :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Jennifer....been lovely here today but there's a wee nip this evening :)