Monday, 7 September 2009


Sorry not much further on with this my heart just doesn't seem too be in it. Some paintings are like that, for some reason it just doesn't click at the moment. I usually get a feel for a painting right at the start but getting no feeling from this one. Won't give up just yet and maybe things will improve, if not, well I just put it down to experience no point of worrying about it.
Two things I always forget too say, one and most importantly is I'd like to thank all those follower's to my Blog its very much appreciated and too those who though not 'official' follower's but look in regularly a big thanks, can't remember the correct number without looking but it's over 3,000 visits since I started on January this year, don't be afraid to say hi on the comments it's always great to hear your thoughts......big smile from me too you. Second if you click on the image you get a larger image.....I'm guessing you are all a lot smarter than me and already know that lol. I'm off for a walk, hopefully I'll be a bit more inspired when I get back :)

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