Saturday, 12 September 2009


I really must start watching what I say on here.....this work in progress was supposed to have started on 3rd September well according to what I wrote on my Blog. We artist's are very fickle and can be easily lead astray and lead from the path we were taking. I'm not all too blame as I've had a busy week with all the trials that life gives us, plus we seem to have hit a nice spell off weather which if you live in Scotland is something you grab with both hands lol. Anyway enough excuses after spending the morning hunting down Highland coos (see previous post) and then being distracted by the fact that the last Classic of the year was being run at Doncaster (Masterly won by the way) I've actually got started. A larger than normal it's 16x16 gessoed MDF. I covered it with a thin wash of raw sienna before starting, then sketched in where the gate and post will be placed and I'm now starting to block in colour. This is most definately what we artists call the uglies but it will improve....hopefully. It better had cos it's too be delivered to the Maclaurin Galleries on Wednesday.....why do I do this too myself.

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