Saturday, 24 October 2009


This weekend sees the end of British Summertime and the clocks slip back an hour. The weather today seems to agree, on my walk this morning the sky was a deep duck egg blue and the leaves of the trees were whipping in the wind and filling the path before me. Joshua just ploughs through them whereas Spike his more refined brother tries to tippy toe through the spaces it's a delight to watch them. I noticed for the first time that the swans are starting to gather in what was the barley field, they and the soon to arrive geese come every year to graze. The Charolais family have developed woollie coats and their cream coats are starting to muddy with the damper weather, won't be long till they disappear into the winter sheds. Was annoyed with myself for not having my camera for I missed a photo shoot of two handsome greyhounds being walked by their owner, hopefully I'll meet them again.
Time to take stock in the studio which badly needs a good clearing and a possible move around. If I could get away with it I'd like to paint all day long but I really have to find a way to get everything done. My idea at the moment is to work four days where painting takes priority and three where all the other things like keeping house take priority. So this coming week my new system commences Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are painting days and Friday, Saturday, Sunday is house keeping e.t.c.........seems so simple when you see it written down, wonder how long it will last lol.
Have a super weekend whatever your doing and thanks for looking at my blog :)


Sunny said...

I like your picture, it makes me wonder what's around the corner.
I hope your new system works out.
Enjoy your day.
Sunny :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

It's a lovely wee back road near Kilmarnock. When I worked with BMK I sometimes took that route to work. The Eglinton Hunt had their kennels just around that corner and I loved to meet the huntsman out walking the hounds.

Diana Marshall said...

Always when you don't have your camera with you, that's when you see wonderful scenes to paint.
Have a great week-end too.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

It never fails Diana there is a buzzard I have been trying to get a photograph off all summer.....I swear he knows when I don't have my camera :)

Lisannerosalie said...

I really love this picture!

..... & your description,
"The sky was a deep duck egg blue"

now where do you get deep blue duck eggs? The ones I've seen are all white!

(Elizabeth, just letting you know,
I've closed my site "Lisannerosalie", & rejoined here under a new google profile.
You can finds my links on my profile.)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Glad you like the photograph Lisannerosalie I love the colours of autumn

Yep some ducks lay blue eggs a kind of pale turquoise colour but the sky was much deeper than that :)

Thanks about the heads up for your new blog :)

Julie B said...

Lovely descriptive post, Elizabeth. I almost felt that I was walking with you.
Winter has arrived in my part of Canada, so I'm a little envious of you!
I know what you mean about just wanting to paint all day long! The systems I set up never seem to last very long - I hope you are more successful with yours!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Julie...well I have made a start today through the piles of stuff decorating every available space in the studio I'm being brutal and trying not to hoard. Winter in Canada will be harder to deal with than winter here I'm sure. Our clock changed today and that is always confusing I feel I've been on the go for hours lol

Gary Keimig said...

Hope your system does work out, Elizabeth. I have been relegated back to my wifes kitchen table for painting since my heel episode and my wife has been a jewel in putting up with it all. Will be so great to get back up to my studio.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Really hope you manage back to the studio soon Gary must be very frustrating for you. Can remmber who awkward it was having a tiny space to work in and having to pack everything away after every session would hate to go back to that. Hope your up and running soon :)