Thursday, 22 October 2009


Acrylic on board 6x6
£130- unframed
£150- framed

Managed to get "Gus" finished last night but was too dark to photograph the painting so I had to wait until this morning. starting to feel I should have went with a different background colouring which would have complimented the portrait more, will try that with the next one. My next one on the easel is the stunning black Arabian stallion TDR White Stone (Peter to his friends) from the Three Day Ranch in California, I'm so grateful to Xena for allowing me to paint him. Will be doing a few studies of Peter and they won't be hurried so there will be some other paintings in between times......something to look forward to :))
Thanks for looking in, your visits are much appreciated, what's an artist without an audience :)


Jennifer Rose said...

gus looks great :D looking forward to seeing the arabian :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Jennifer hope I can do him justice :)

Sunny said...

Gus is so handsome, he really turned out wonderfully.
Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Sunny :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Your most welcome Sunny thank you for taking the time to look :)