Wednesday, 28 October 2009


"Harvest Colours"
Acrylic 6x6
Copyright 2009 Elizabeth McCrindle
£130- unframed
£150- with custom made frame
Available from my gallery blog using the paypal button or contact me by email
At last I was able just to sit down and get on with my art work today. I really enjoyed losing myself in this wee landscape, shutting out the world for a wee while. The reference's for this were taking a few weeks back when there were still leaves on the tree (its actually a group of hawthorns that has been allowed to sprout). I just love the shape of it, bent and ragged with the wind that whips across the fields in the winter. The fence itself could also do with a little straightning but I think that adds a little charm to the painting.
As always I'm grateful for you stopping by, come back tomorrow to see what's been happening in the studio.


jane augenstein said...

Beautiful, Elizabeth!!!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thank you Jane :)

Elizabeth Blaylock said...

Elizabeth Your work is absolutely gorgeous, a pleasure to view!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thank you Elizabeth for the very kind comments :)