Thursday, 29 October 2009


I honestly can't remember when my love affair with the thoroughbred horse started but when my friends were filling their bedroom walls with posters of their favourite hunks mine were filled with famous racehorses of the present and the past. I've got past covering my bedroom walls but I still collect photos and clippings and although I can't manage to many race meetings these days I still enjoy following racing on TV. The word superstar over the years gets banded about but this year a 'real' superstar brought racing to the fore not only to the racing crowd but also captured the imagination of the public not only in the UK but worldwide. Tall dark and very handsome, perfect manners, cruise control and a blinding turn off foot is what helped make Sea The Stars the superstar he is, that and the sprinkle of Couldn't resist painting him.


Jennifer Rose said...

nice start :D

he is a gorgeous looking horse, and I am not a huge fan of thoroughbreds (more of a draft horse person).

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Jennifer :)

I love the big heavies as well they make great models,in fact there isn't a horse I don't have a fondness for but my heart belongs to thoroughbreds