Sunday, 22 November 2009

DOGGIE YEARS..........

Joshua and Spike the early days



Was out for my usual walk with the boys this morning, which for a change was dry in fact even a little sunny though 6 degrees with a wind chill factor of about These days our walks are not as brisk as usual in fact during the summer months I had started to notice a difference in Joshua my little wolf sable pomeranian. He has been losing his sight over the last couple of years and his hearing more recently...although there are times when I think that is selective, but there has been a definate change these past few weeks, a slowing down, a getting old. Joshua and Spike are litter brothers and came to us when they were 3 years old and will be 12 years old come 24th December. He sometimes, in the evenings mostly get a little confused and wanders about the house. I had never actually heard of dogs suffering from dementia but having cared for my mother it looked like that to me. My vet confirmed that they can have dementia and that he is most likely having little mini strokes. This morning on our walk I was walking on and looked back to see that they were following Spike was his usual head down and marching behind sign of Josh. As it turned out when I started to back track calling his name I saw movement in the rough grass on to the side of the path wee soul had went into the grass and couldn't find his way out, he obviously could hear me calling but couldn't register where the sound was coming from and was getting himself further lost. There was much tail wiggling and kisses when I scooped him up and he was happy to be carried for the rest of the walk. I know they aren't with us forever and my eyes are a little damp typing this because I also know we are now at the beginning of the end but for now its more cuddles and neither Josh or Spike are complaining :)


Can't remember when there wasn't a dog in the house, my Dad's influence, he had also been surrounded by dogs when he was young. Our first dog I don't really remember he was a rescue who my Dad brought home, a boxer he named Roy. Roy never settled in the house and was always wandering, my Dad finally (my Mum's influence) found him a home in a small holding just outside the village where he lived out his life. I remember he always came to meet us at the entrance of the holding just to say hello. We then had a Cairn Terrier called Candy, we sadly lost her when she ran out into the path of a car while chasing a cat. Then came Candy the Corgi, Mum and Dad bought her from a farm, she was the dog that I grew up with. I remember Dad bringing her home in a cardboard box she was tiny and she had two white tips on her front paws as if someone had just slipped paint across them. She and I used to disappear for hours into the countryside i was devastated when she died. Sadly I can't find any photos of them :). Then came Glen he was a Shetland collie and a real sweetheart, the quietest dog I've ever known. We lost him sadly when he was young, he had been born with a faulty heart :)


Then came Stroma another Shetland Sheepdog and another with the sweetest nature. He also had the brightest eyes I've ever known. His full name was Bright Eyes of Stroma (Stroma is an Island of the Shetlands). He too succumbed to heart problems and was a terrible sad loss to us.


Darling Amber was our first Pom. Mum didn't want another dog after the loss of Stroma but we finally coaxed her round. Dad and I both wanted a larger dog but Mum insisted it was a samll dog or none at all. We went to Kirkcaldy to 'see' a puppy that a friend knew was available, yeah and we all know what see means. I remember sitting in the lady's lounge when she brought the puppy in, it shot out of her hands and straight up onto my lap......he was home :) Amber the no fuss Pom, left us with no fuss no warning, just lay down and went to sleep at my side age 12 years.


We got Pebble when Amber was five to keep him company. Someone said it's always better to have two they are company for each other. Pebble was four months old when we got him and when we got him home it was love at first sight for him when he met Amber. Amber on the other hand was not exactly welcoming and his nose was a little out of joint for a wee while but Pebble was if nothing persistant and gradually he wore Amber down. He was my wee darling pint sized with the heart of Lion, totally bullet proof he would get us into trouble frequently lol. He was devoted to Amber and never recovered from Amber's death and died 60 days after him.

It's a devastating loss when you lose a pet they are part of the family but the love they give surely outweighs the pain. I'm going to treasure my boys no matter how long or short the time left. Where ever your reading this from hug your pet's close.


Lynda Schumacher said...

Your comments are so true Elizabeth. I have had various pets over my life, but there is something about losing a dog that almost seems more heart-wrenching in a way. We have two 13-year-old golden retrievers, and are experiencing similar things with their slowing down as you are with yours. I adore them so, and it is tough to realize that they are approaching the end of their time with us.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for your comments Lynda. It is so heart wrenching when you realise that they are becoming old and the time is borrowed.

Jennifer Rose said...

dogs become such a huge part of our lives, it is so hard to see them hurt or see them start to get old :(

thank your for sharing your dogs on your blog :) it sometimes hurts to remember them but sharing photos and stories with others helps to remember the good times :)

Judith A . Bates said...

Thanks so much for sharing all your lovely dog friends with us... I too, grew up with a faithful furry friend always at my side. It's so hard to watch them age, but like you said, the gift of the years of companionship far outweigh the pain...Your boys are adorable Elizabeth, please give them a scratch and a pat for me.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

That's something they will very much appreciate Judith :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Yep Jennifer it's the wonderful memories that help ease the pain. I cherish the time I spent with my dogs and with Rio my first horse.