Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Walking in the clouds,mystical lakes and walking in Rabbie Burns footsteps

Drove up to Aberfeldy once again to deliver paintings this time for the forth coming Christmas Exhibition which starts on Saturday. Tossed a coin to see if I should attempt the Sma' Glen route at this time of year........as you can see the Glen won and as always it didn't disappoint. I know I've said this before but I wish I could show you just how huge and breath taking this glen is.....I know this probably looks like fog creeping in but it was actually clouds you'll see it better on the photo looking down into Aberfeldy.

Last time I passed there were fishermen out on the lake but today it was quiet, just me and the lake. There was a definate chill and I could almost feel the fingers of the lady of the lake reaching out to take me in...certainly wouldn't have been surprised if Excalibar rose from the centre lol.

Occassionly you manage to take a photograph that's quite special....I think this one is.....this is moisture from the clouds resting on the grasses alongside the lake...faerie tears...smile

Looking down into Aberfeldy as I came down the braes you get a better idea of how low the cloud is here.....don't you just love stane dykes :)

This is one of the falls at the Birks of Aberfeldy I didn't have time to walk up to the Falls of Moness but I'm told that it's breathtaking if what I saw was anything to go by then JRR Tolkien must have visited here because this is as near to Rivendell as you'll get, the woods are truly mystical and I swear you can hear then whispering :) ....oh and off course The Bard Rabbie Burns sat here and wrote the poem The Birks of Aberfeldy.


Jennifer Rose said...

I need to go for a walk there, its gorgeous :D people don't believe me when I tell them how low the clouds get here, almost close enough to touch :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Can definately recommend it and they do get close enough to walk through...feels icy like lots of cold fingers touching you but in a nice way :)

Judith A . Bates said...

What a truly gorgeous place to live Elizabeth...Your paintings are always an inspiration to me, as are the photos you take :) This morning you've inspired me to take my camera along on my morning hike.

I haven't been on the blog circuit for what seems forever, but have been painting. I seems I developed a huge case of blogger's block, LOL. But today's the day I break thru!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Oh Judith you would love Aberfeldy it's pretty in all weather's. But I always think that Perthshire is just the start, the further North you travel the better it gets. Much as I love Ayrshire the North seems to be pulling me with each trip I take....maybe, just maybe one day I won't come back....smile.
I'm so glad that my painting in some way inspires you and I'm looking forward to catching up on your news when you get back to your Blog. Hope you took your camera on your walk :)