Friday, 20 November 2009


copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

Really cracked on with the wee princess this morning and barring one problem I'm quite pleased with progress. Bet you can't guess what's wrong LOL. I don't know about other artists but I have a stubborn streak in me and almost the minute I started painting this wee baby I knew the right hand ear wasn't balanced but I doggedly continued. Then this morning I was going through an ugly stage and thought I was going to lose my way with the whole painting. So I painted over the ear and left it to dry, not surprisingly everything else miraculously started to fall into place. Just waiting for the spot to dry and I'll try again with the ear....really don't think we'll get away with just
Probably won't have another update till tomorrow, being firmly in winter's clutches we lose the light outside so quickly so won't be able to photograph it.
Thanks for popping in I so appreciate it and hope you visit again tomorrow and be sure to bring a friend :)


Sunny said...

What a beautiful face. Your paintings are always a pleasure to look at.
Sunny :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Sunny she sure is pretty :)