Monday, 21 December 2009


"Foal Study"
Watercolour 12x14
Private Collection
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Another little darling from a couple of years back....I'm having fun looking back. This is one of my favourite subjects, not just equine but foals. It must be the baby thing like human babies, their smell, their unsteadiness, the sudden bouts off mad energy followed by the collapse in a heap sleep. This little guy is of on one off those mad dashes round his paddock, short sharp bursts of speed, by now he will ready to take those short sharp bursts of speed in another arena and I wish him luck in running.
Well must get myself back to the easel, thanks as always for looking :)


Jenpainting - Jennifer Morrison said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Love the lighting on her!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Jen was pleased how she turned out, watercolour can be so unforgiving, but was on my side that day :)