Tuesday, 31 March 2009

ON THE EDGE ACRYLIC 4X4 £100- or £80- unframed

On the Edge Acrylic 4x4 £100- or £80- unframed

Been quite a busy day today, knew I was going to be needing boards but also knew had to get the Hydrandeas cut back. Hydrangeas won, well they got to go first anyway spent the morning butchering them. Hopefully they'll be back maybe without flowers this year but they'll be the better for the haircut. Afternoon was spent priming boards....dull as dishwater job but someone has to do it. Anyway while I was waiting for the boards to dry I did this little dash of summer. Not kidding about little at 4x4 in won't take up too much space. Will look pretty framed and will fit in one of those spots that begs for a painting but is short in space.

Trees at the moment are at the in between stage so thats why I went for a more cheery summer landscape. It's acrylic on board and measures 4x4.



Monday, 30 March 2009


The Gaze Acrylic 6x6 £120- or £100- unframed
Finished the foxhound this morning and have to say I'm really quite pleased with it. Like with most paintings you could go on and on finding something to nip or pick at but comes a time when you just have to stop. The eyes on this one have really been the focal point of the painting from day one so it was only natural that they would give it it's title and I've called it "The Gaze". Off course that does seem a bit strange as foxhounds hunt by scent and not sight. I'm taking part in a group exhibition on May at Dowhill a working farm situated between Maidens and Girvan and this one is ear marked for there. It's been quite famous the world over for breeding pedigree Hereford cattle. Couple of years ago myself and a few friends had a very successful exhibition there so hopefully this one will emulate that. Off course if it takes your fancy before that then please contact me by email . Will be trying a new format with WIP's in future I'll photograph throughout the various stages and show them all as one post, think that will give you a better idea of the progression :)
I've also decided that I want to concentrate on paintings only on this Blog so have started another with my photographs, for anyone who has been enjoying them. Called Images and Words from Caledonia, you can find a link to it on the right hand menu near the top.


Saturday, 28 March 2009


Foxhound Acrylic 6x6

Little bit further on with the foxhound though still more work to do. Been working on the ears and a little on the throat. Don't want to overdo the throat but just let it blend out but it still needs a bit more detail. Having some problems getting colour on screen as the original is much richer. The problem is I think more to do with my monitor which I bought from Noah lol, really need to splash out on a laptop.........just as soon as I win the Lottery...smile.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Foxhound 6x6 Acrylic
Very pleased with the work I've got done on the hound this morning looks so much better with his lovely dark nose in...still love his eyes looks like he has got mascara on. I think that is probably what makes his eyes look so intense. Risked life and limb getting this photo taken as there is quite a gale blowing outside....in fact almost lost the painting, just as well the tape that was securing it on the board stuck to the path or I would have been chasing it round the garden lol. The joys of being an artist :))


Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Foxhound 6x6 Acrylic
The Lesson

Magic Hands
Madam looking a little fluffy in her coat
Didn't get much done to the above 6x6 as I started it late in the afternoon but hopefully with nothing to lead me astray tomorrow I'll get it finished. This is a lovely looking hound mostly white in colour with what I'd call cream but think they term it as lemon and white...it's his eyes that attract me pale and very intense. I'm enjoying trying to capture his look so fingers crossed this will be a nice one.
Reason I was held up was Madam had managed to draw the shoe off her off fore at the weekend and Jim the farrier came today to put new shoes on up front. For once I remembered my camera so took some photos for the scrapbook.......he had a young lad with him today learning the ropes. Jim and his brother Allan are probably the finest farriers in Scotland and theres never a shortage of young lads wanting apprenticeships with them. And indeed Tara owes her life to Jim few years back she had an awful reaction to steriods that the vet administered to clear up a small cut. The steriods caused her to founder on all four feet and it was a worrying time and still is....she now needs very careful management too prevent it happening again.


Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Went down to Ayr this morning armed with my camera to take photos at the 101 Exhibition at the Maclaurin. Didn't realise that you couldn't take photos, suppose it must be a copyright issue. Sneakily took a couple one of one of the Galleries (there are 4 rooms) and one of my sold painting...yes sold as in red sticker. Not only that but there were two ladies interested in it so I also have a commission to do something along similar lines, a nice wee boost in this dismal climate (not just weather wise).There have been quite a few sales already and yesterday was really the first day for the public. It really is a beautifully hung exhibition and there are some stunning works of art. If you can manage at all before the 19th April I'd recommend a visit it's at the Maclaurin Galleries in Rozelle Park, Monument Road, AYR.
Pretty dismal weather wise so didn't take many photos. The photos from top to bottom are The circular gallery, my painting with red sticker :)), swathes of daffodils oh how I wish it had been sunny and some Drakes in the duck pond, you didn't even need the sun to pick up the beautiful colours in their plummage.
Well back out in the rain to tuck in the horses for the night, it's nights like these I wish they were Hamsters.


Monday, 23 March 2009


Splash of Colour Oils 8x8 £250-

Ayrshire Landscape Acrylic 6x6 £120- SOLD

Just getting ready to travel up to Edinburgh to hand in my work for the forthcoming Spring Exhibition at the Torrance Gallery in Edinburgh's Dundas Street. Can sometimes be a bind doing this side of the business as I'd much rather be 'creating' but that said it does you good to get out and about now and again. An artists job can be a lonely one at times...maybe thats why I talk to myself so much, though my late Gran always said the time too worry is when you start answering back lol. At least the sun has come out so that makes even the cities look good.
Paintings I'm taking are "Path of the Stream" and "Distant Hills" which can be viewed a little further back on the blog and two newbies. The first "Splash of Colour" was done from reference photographs I took last year of a herd of coloured ponies that arrived in a field in a neighbouring village. Will be keeping an eye for their arrival this yeat as I'd like to get more taken. The foals were a delight...smile. The second Ayrshire Landscape is looking from Busbiehill across the fields towards Dundonald.
Well better dash sooner I'm there sooner I'll be back.

Saturday, 21 March 2009


A Kind Eye

What's He Thinking??


Clouds, Sails and Grasses Acrylic 8 x 8
Worked away with this today but still not sure if it's finished, will put it away and have a look at it in a few days with fresh eyes. Been difficult to get it true too colour though think it might be my monitor to blame. Been a change in weather today as well, much colder than the last two when it was actually 66 degrees.....unbelieveable. As I type this the sun has come out as if to make a liar of me or spang his nose lol. Better go make the best of it :)


Friday, 20 March 2009


To be honest I don't really care for this at the moment but as I had almost promised something from the easel thought I'd post it anyway. At the very least if it doesn't develope into something it proves that you can't always get it right. I really do benefit from painting everyday and if for some reason I can't get to the easel for a few days as happened this week I suffer for it....practice, practice and then some more practice might not make perfection but it sure does help. The subject is the Isle of Arran as seen from Barassie Beach. The foreground will eventually be the harsh course grasses you get on the sand dunes as you go down onto the beach....possibly when they are in and I soften Arran it'll look better....if not know that I tried and tomorrows post will be a bloody ear LOL

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Dougal being Dougal lol

Spike catching the sun

Fresh new greens

Wild Daffodils

Perfect Pose.....as always

High Tailing It
Been one of those weeks where I seem to be charging around and getting no where. Not much work done at the easel so thought I'd post some photos instead. Got myself a new camera and I've been clicking away like mad, seeing that we actually have had some sunshine and even heat 66 degrees today, in Scotland wow.....don't you just love digital cameras :))
Hopefully normal service will return by tomorrow. Oh and if you get a chance take a look at the Canine Art Guild website at their new exhibiton :The Company That Dogs Keep" wonderful paintings

Friday, 13 March 2009


The joy of victory

Over the last like a stag

Well that's Cheltenham over for another year and I can finally get back to concentrating on my work at hand. The distraction was darn good though culminating in Kauto Stars victory in the Gold Cup. Was as perfect an exhibition off jumping as you'll ever see over the sticks. Back for No 3 next.....sure hope so :))
Sorry don't know who took these photos they're the best I could find from the press just wanted to share the joy off a very popular equine athlete :))

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Summer Paddock Acrylic 8x8 £200- unframed
Been a bit lapse adding to my blog this week..........Cheltenham Racing Festival is on TV my concentration should return after tomorrows Gold Cup. Getting weary for some lush pastures so thought I'd do a summer scene. A little corner of a paddock with a sparkle of summer flowers. If it takes your fancy then as always I can be contacted through the website or by email.
Hope your enjoying your art where ever you are :))

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Paula Acrylic 4"x4" £80- unframed
This is a little fun painting I did this morning of a Friesian cow. Don't actually know if that's her name or if indeed she'll have one it just makes it easier for me to give the painting a title. These little head studies of cows have been quite popular in the past and I've noticed that my clients tend to hang them in their kitchen's. They fill that little odd space that needs something to brighten it up.
If your interested in adding to your collection then you can contact me through my website or by email.
Enjoy your art wherever you may be :)

Friday, 6 March 2009


Thanks for tagging me Jane and mine is of Tara anyone would think that's all I take photos off lol. Eating her favourite past time:)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Distant Hills Acrylic 8x8 £250-
Felt like a little touch of summer today as it is bitterly cold outside, what happened to Spring :(. Had a look through my reference photographs and came up with this. Like the way this one takes you on a journey through the painting and leaves you wondering what the view might be like from those hills in the distance. Couldn't you just sit there and watch the clouds go by....I wish....smile. I'm in a group exhibition at the end of March at the Torrance Gallery in Edinburgh so maybe this will find it's way there. In the mean time if it takes anyones fancy then you can contact my by email or through the website.

Where ever you are enjoy your art.


Sunday, 1 March 2009


It's In The Eyes Acrylic 8x8 £250-
Copyright 2009 Elizabeth McCrindle

Managed to finish the Lab this morning and I'm really quite pleased with it. Making the back wash lighter has softened the highlight colouring on the labs coat giving it the soft blue and purple sheen that you get on a black dog. If you look back at the other WIP of this painting earlier on in the Blog you will see there is a world of difference.
This one is available for any Labrador or dog collectors out there or as a gift for someone special. Or I'll be happy to chat about a bespoke commission of your own dog. You can contact me through my website or by email.
It's the 1st of March folks we are now officially in Spring....doesn't quite look like it as I look out the studio window lol. Enjoy your art where ever you are.