Saturday, 30 January 2010


Was still in the doldrums this morning when I woke, can't think where this has come from but whatever it is has had me in a black mood these last few days. Not in a grumpy way just like something is weighing you down, squeezing your heart...winter blues, hormones don't know but after wiping out three try's at a painting yesterday I decided today a long walk was in order. Been a lot milder off late but this morning we have dropped back to minus five with a wind chill of much lower. So with camera slung round my neck, collars zipped up, hat pulled down and gloves on I marched along the country walk, determined to shift the black cloud....with two rather disgruntled wee dogs tagging along in my wake, they don't like to be hurried, you can't smell and hurry. Read somewhere that walking is one of best aids for lifting your spirits, have to say they could be right, still not a hundred percent but do feel a little brighter. Well I will when or if I ever get feeling back into my face lol. Camera helped too I find I relax when I'm shooting away......took these on my 'march', my favourite has to be the bottom one of the wee sparrow, he looks a bit like how I
Hopefully I'll be back soon chirpier than ever, till then have a great weekend where ever you are and thanks for dropping in.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


A doodle from the sketchpad

Been a distracting couple of days when everything I seem to touch goes belly up and my concentration is all over the place.......except where it should be. Had a sudden urge to clear out stuff that has been needing cleared for long enough.....I think Spring must just be around the corner and I'm in a tiding up my nest Should be back to normal soon as I've got a wee board on the easel ready to do a landscape and another board primed and stained to start new commission. EYE'll be back soon...:)))

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Hurricane Jack
Oils 24x20
There comes a time in a painting when you or I should say I have too stop... my Mum used to say "Less is more", and that is something that should be remembered when painting, it is so easy to over cook, and it won't be the first or probably last when I'll do that. My other famous war cry is, this has been a begger to photograph and is a little darker in the flesh so to speak than what I see on my screen. I am happy with the painting and it's been a joy to do, but we shall have to wait and see what Jack's owner thinks.
Been a productive week painting and behind the scenes work. Have managed to get my website, that would be the website that I managed to lose not once but twice back online. It is still under construction but at least there is something to see. Other thing I've been trying to do is go through my whole blog and organise the labels.......thing was a mile long and I'm trying to put them into easier subjects. That should make it easier for everyone to find there favourite subject.
I've also changed the wording in my header a little, instead of Diary of a Scottish artist it now reads Journal, after all my promises to do a daily blog didn't materialise seemed more appropriate to be a journal than a I post every day now lol.
As always thanks for popping in for a visit and I appreciate all your comments.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Hurricane Jack (work in progress)
Was up bright and early this morning (mind you I always am) and was so keen to get back to the painting that I haven't cleaned out the horses......boy will I get grumpy looks when I go up in a mo. It's strange though you start to get to a stage where your almost frightened you're going to do something really stupid and make a real plonker of it. My concentration has started to wane a little so it's time for a step back, lunchtime anyway :). Better have some for the mind and also better go and clean out the stalls.
You know there are times when I REALLY love my job :)

Monday, 18 January 2010


Hurricane Jack
Work in Progress
I know it probably doesn't look as if I've done much, but there is a lot of subtle work been done that you won't see unless your standing at my shoulder watching me paint. If truth be told I should have been further forward but I took a couple of days off to re-charge from the computer drama lol. There's even the possiblity that it would have been framed and ready to head to it's new home if the computer hadn't frazzled me. But what if's don't cut it, you have roll with the punches and get on with it.
A wee rest now and again can't do any harm so I made the most of the my time off. Managed to get back onto the country walk with the boys as all the snow and ice has well and truly been washed away, it blew a few cobwebs away and the boys re-acquainted themselves with forgottten smells :)
Still not sure why I lost my web pages but I'll get it up running again asap but my priority at the moment is to get the outstanding commissions completed, everything else will just have to wait :)
As always thank you for looking in.....come back soon and bring a friend :)
........just noticed I've had just over 7000 visits to my blog in a year, guess your already bringing some friends along :)))

Saturday, 16 January 2010


The Scraggy Tree
Acrylic 6x6
£150- SOLD
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

I know in the great scheme off things my problems this week are just pebbles in the pond. I can't begin to comprehend what is happening to the poor people of Haiti...such devastation...they are in my thoughts and prayers :(.
For me everything seemed to start off ok but then seemed to spiral downwards.....started with niggling problems with my computer, something I obviously did cos as you know it's new, those seem to have been fixed with a system restore. But and there is always a but, in doing the restore I lost my Flashxp that I use to load my problem just download it again.......I'm taking a deep breath now so that I won't swear on my Blog, most unlady like and something I never do :). For some reason unknown to me while uploading new detail on my website I have managed to lose my website. That would be the website I have been painstakingly rebuilding....just as well you can't see the steam coming from my ears. But more importantly than that it has been all the wasted energy spent working on these omputer problems and not painting. So I've had enough I really don't care anymore if my website is not up and running, I've also had my fill of Twitter and Facebook is sailing close to the wind, I have no doubt that some find them good for promoting work but I find they just take up time that could be better that's my rant for the day over and I feel the better off it. Going to have some lunch now take a deep breath then paint some......oh nearly forgot one good bit of news sold The Scraggy Tree (above). Well, hopefully I'll be back soon in a better mood, thanks for taking the time to listen to my grumbles....don't be put off and come back soon when I'll be in a better mood and will have something to show from the easel :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Silver By Nature
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

Hurricane Jack (work in progress)
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
The thaw is on at last, mind you with it comes trouble. With all the snow gone we’re left with nothing but solid ice, a bit like walking on a glacier in parts. The last couple of days I’ve been breaking up the afore mentioned ice and sweeping for Scotland, so there hasn’t been any production at the easel. I really shouldn’t moan because I’ve been following Lucinda Russell’s website and she and her team having been doing an amazing job keeping things moving at her Arlary House Stables in Kinross. Lucinda is a leading Scottish Racehorse Trainer and she trains both Silver By Nature and Hurricane Jack (above). I felt more than a little guilty about moaning after reading their news page on the website, check out the photo on 10th January....amazing.
Well I’m off to get ready for a dentist appointment ....what ....never mind spring is just around the corner....well the wee guy below thinks so :)

Youthful Exhuberance
Acrylic 8x8
Private collection
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Worked quite a bit on Jack's portrait this afternoon, been a wee while since I've painted with oils and I forgot just how good it feels and how smooth they flow. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the speed of working with acrylics especially when things are to a deadline but you seem to be able to manoeuvre sculpting with paint. Over this year I hope to be revisiting the mediums I have used in the past, so I'll be dusting off my box of pastels,but, I'm ashamed to say it's been so long since I used watercolours I shall have to renew them.
It's being something of a challenge with the portrait. Jack has odd markings which I'm trying to capture but I also have to take care to show his bone structure. Being grey his markings will disappear with age and his coat will become paler and eventually white but his owner wants him painted now while you can still see them.
I would normally just work on one portrait at a time but I think I might try having a few on the go, one to see if I can do it and two to make it a little more interesting for those who are looking in....can't be much fun watching paint dry :)
Thanks as always for looking in.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Work in progress
oil on board
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Had meant to have a lot more of this done today but have had a migraine which of course alters my sight somewhat, will go for the complete sympathy vote with, I've got ear ache too. Definately down to the wintry weather we've been having off late. Seems we are in for more of a big freeze but guess we will just have to grin and bear it. They're are loads getting it worse than us with having power cut off and a lot of farmers sheds roofs are caving in with the weight of the snow...think I can suffer a bit off a sore ear.
Think I might have made a boo boo with the drawing on this will know better once I've blocked more in, hopefully will be feeling better after a good night's sleep, and raring to go tomorrow.
Thanks as always for the visit.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Isn't it typical........

Isn’t it just typical….yesterday’s post was all about what I was going to be doing in the studio and how I was going to post everyday. Well I am posting, but sorry, no work in progress, not even a sketch. I actually should have been to Edinburgh to pick up my work from the Torrance Gallery but this awful weather we’ve been having put the shebang in that. Not that the roads were too bad, the problem is still no running water at the stables and I’m carrying water up three times a day……I’m starting to resemble Clyde the Orang-utan just about the arms off course. Mind you I did have a tidy in the studio, I can actually step quite a bit away from the easel now, without fear of falling over anything and I organised some of my reference photographs. I also cut some MDF and even gessoed some so that has to count for something…preparation. Most likely though it will be the grey lad above I’ll be working on tomorrow…’ll remember him from previous posts, he‘s a bit errmm overdue.
Before I go I’d like to let you know about a beautiful new Gallery that has just opened it’s doors called The Dancing Light Gallery (isn’t that a wonderful name) it’s situated in the Scottish Borders and it’s a new venture for it’s owner Helen Bell.
Well I’m off to make a wee cuppa tea…still got some shortbread left Linda :))

Sunday, 3 January 2010


"Did I Hear My Name"
Acrylic 12x12
Private Collection
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Well that's it, the decorations are back in the loft packed away with the memories of the years gone by and the holidays are over. It’s time now to concentrate on the year ahead and the goals, I know I mentioned resolutions in an earlier post but I’m not really a resolution person, no sooner are they made than they’re broken.
Focus is a better word, this year I’m going to be focussed on being a better artist and to be better means more time not only at the easel but getting back to the basics of drawing. I seem to be a collector of sketch pads with nothing in them, lovely, scary, white virgin pages too good to put a mark on….not anymore, they are going to be doodled on till they’re full to bursting.
I’ve managed to get my website back online so I’ll also be developing it throughout the year. I had started a Gallery Blog when I lost my website (when my trusty old computer died) but I think I’ll keep it going as you can’t have too many avenues for people to see your work. This is my main blog, you could say my studio diary. I am going to try my very best to post everyday (I will, honest), not a painting a day as I can’t handle the pressure of that, just the news about that days work, a sketch, a work in progress, news of commissions or exhibitions and off course images of finished pieces.
“Do one thing, do it the best you can”, was sound advice given to the American artist Booth Malone. Horses are my thing and I’m never happier than when with them or painting them. I want to concentrate on them this year to make them breathe and in order to do that I have to improve in other not so easy to do subjects…namely their two legged companions, that’s my challenge this year. Off course I’ll also be doing my little rural landscapes, dogs and one or two wee coos. Hoping to get into one or two new galleries and maybe submitting work to one or two of the Federation of British Artists open exhibitions at the Mall Galleries.
It’s a brand new year an exciting one…….hope you’ll be looking.

Friday, 1 January 2010


"Chesnut with the Blue Silks"
Acrylic 8x8
£250- SOLD
Copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

Wishing everyone who pops in to read my Blog a very Happy New Year and a big thank you too for taking the time to visit, especially those of you who leave comments. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a good one and I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of creating after the holiday break. I have a few commissions already in the pipeline but the more the merrier so if anyone is wondering where to channel the money gifts they recieved at Christmas, why not invest in Art. The little study above is sold but I can easily create something similar but always unique and this is a good starter size for a new collector.
Well I'm off to watch some TV with some shortbread and a cup of tea...perfect start to 2010.