Sunday, 3 January 2010


"Did I Hear My Name"
Acrylic 12x12
Private Collection
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Well that's it, the decorations are back in the loft packed away with the memories of the years gone by and the holidays are over. It’s time now to concentrate on the year ahead and the goals, I know I mentioned resolutions in an earlier post but I’m not really a resolution person, no sooner are they made than they’re broken.
Focus is a better word, this year I’m going to be focussed on being a better artist and to be better means more time not only at the easel but getting back to the basics of drawing. I seem to be a collector of sketch pads with nothing in them, lovely, scary, white virgin pages too good to put a mark on….not anymore, they are going to be doodled on till they’re full to bursting.
I’ve managed to get my website back online so I’ll also be developing it throughout the year. I had started a Gallery Blog when I lost my website (when my trusty old computer died) but I think I’ll keep it going as you can’t have too many avenues for people to see your work. This is my main blog, you could say my studio diary. I am going to try my very best to post everyday (I will, honest), not a painting a day as I can’t handle the pressure of that, just the news about that days work, a sketch, a work in progress, news of commissions or exhibitions and off course images of finished pieces.
“Do one thing, do it the best you can”, was sound advice given to the American artist Booth Malone. Horses are my thing and I’m never happier than when with them or painting them. I want to concentrate on them this year to make them breathe and in order to do that I have to improve in other not so easy to do subjects…namely their two legged companions, that’s my challenge this year. Off course I’ll also be doing my little rural landscapes, dogs and one or two wee coos. Hoping to get into one or two new galleries and maybe submitting work to one or two of the Federation of British Artists open exhibitions at the Mall Galleries.
It’s a brand new year an exciting one…….hope you’ll be looking.


Lynda Schumacher said...

Elizabeth, some of your sentiments are so in-line with my own, why, I think we could about finish each other's sentences! Seriously though, I have been giving alot of thought lately to concepts such as focus, initiative, and the need to really find my own 'artistic voice'.......things I'm sure I will ramble about in my next post! Now forgive my cultural cluelessness, but I must ask...........what is a "wee coo"?

jane augenstein said...

Beautiful horse painting! I don't make new years resolutions either, I always forget them in awhile anyway...LOL
One thing I do what to do though is ride Gilly more!
All good things in the new year!!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Well Lynda I'm really looking forward to your ramble in your next post :) LOL wee coo is Scottish lingo for small'll be talking Scotch like a native before the end of the year :))

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thank you Jane, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for long summer days in the saddle for you and Gilly :)