Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Hurricane Jack (work in progress)
Was up bright and early this morning (mind you I always am) and was so keen to get back to the painting that I haven't cleaned out the horses......boy will I get grumpy looks when I go up in a mo. It's strange though you start to get to a stage where your almost frightened you're going to do something really stupid and make a real plonker of it. My concentration has started to wane a little so it's time for a step back, lunchtime anyway :). Better have some lunch....food for the mind and also better go and clean out the stalls.
You know there are times when I REALLY love my job :)


Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Hi Elizabeth, this fellow is looking beautiful! I know what you mean about getting to a point where you're afraid you're really going to mess it up ... but we keep plugging away.
Yes, I love my job, too ... such a blessing to be able to work at art amidst our daily chores!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Karen I'm glad your like him. Yep starts to get a little nerve racking as you get towards the end of the commission, not only ruining it but have I got it right, do I see what the owner sees....scary stuff....smile.