Monday, 4 January 2010

Isn't it typical........

Isn’t it just typical….yesterday’s post was all about what I was going to be doing in the studio and how I was going to post everyday. Well I am posting, but sorry, no work in progress, not even a sketch. I actually should have been to Edinburgh to pick up my work from the Torrance Gallery but this awful weather we’ve been having put the shebang in that. Not that the roads were too bad, the problem is still no running water at the stables and I’m carrying water up three times a day……I’m starting to resemble Clyde the Orang-utan just about the arms off course. Mind you I did have a tidy in the studio, I can actually step quite a bit away from the easel now, without fear of falling over anything and I organised some of my reference photographs. I also cut some MDF and even gessoed some so that has to count for something…preparation. Most likely though it will be the grey lad above I’ll be working on tomorrow…’ll remember him from previous posts, he‘s a bit errmm overdue.
Before I go I’d like to let you know about a beautiful new Gallery that has just opened it’s doors called The Dancing Light Gallery (isn’t that a wonderful name) it’s situated in the Scottish Borders and it’s a new venture for it’s owner Helen Bell.
Well I’m off to make a wee cuppa tea…still got some shortbread left Linda :))


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Prep work and organization are always the points of art I hate so you get big bonus points for organizing your reference photos and gessoing!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Gail the reference photos I enjoy doing the gessoing not so much, but I hate it if I'm all fired up with an idea and I have to wait while I'm preparing a board.

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Mmmm, tea and shortbread sounds really good to me right now ... our grocery carries Walker's shortbread, my favorite. A bit pricey but oh, so yummy!

I love this horse picture ... can't wait to see it finished! Your studio sounds a lot like mine: I have a little cleared area around my desk and around my easel ... and now I'm off to tackle the mess and try to make it into something more organized, peaceful & inspiring.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Karen my Hogmanay supply of shortbread as disappeared but I couldn't resist buying another batch while doing my shopping at the supermarket yesterday....I'm afraid it has already been opened lol.
I worked a little while today on the horse and shall post later this evening.....time to head off into the snowy and icy conditions AGAIN.
Thanks for visiting :)....I love your work.