Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Silver By Nature
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

Hurricane Jack (work in progress)
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
The thaw is on at last, mind you with it comes trouble. With all the snow gone we’re left with nothing but solid ice, a bit like walking on a glacier in parts. The last couple of days I’ve been breaking up the afore mentioned ice and sweeping for Scotland, so there hasn’t been any production at the easel. I really shouldn’t moan because I’ve been following Lucinda Russell’s website and she and her team having been doing an amazing job keeping things moving at her Arlary House Stables in Kinross. Lucinda is a leading Scottish Racehorse Trainer and she trains both Silver By Nature and Hurricane Jack (above). I felt more than a little guilty about moaning after reading their news page on the website, check out the photo on 10th January....amazing.
Well I’m off to get ready for a dentist appointment ....what joy..lol ....never mind spring is just around the corner....well the wee guy below thinks so :)

Youthful Exhuberance
Acrylic 8x8
Private collection
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

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