Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Worked a little more last night on the painting and although I'm enjoying it there was a niggle coming in my head that it wasn't quite right. Slept on it and knew for certain when I looked at it this morning it wasn't the mare I'm supposed to be painting. She's a lovely big solid Thoroughbred broodmare while this is a little too delicate, so it's back to the drawing board, sift through the reference photos and come up with a better angle. Going to carry on with this one as someone might love it when it's done and more so cos practice makes perfect and you always learn something with every painting.
Another chilly morning (-5) but enjoyed my walk with the boys, felt like we were the only one's left on the planet even the birds were hiding this morning. Off course had my camera with me so you could enjoy some of the sights with me..........

More frosted corn but with a little more colour too it this morning.

These mini cones caught my eye in the passing, so pretty with their dusting of frost.

There are drains on both sides of the country walk to catch the water coming from the fields and I just loved the icicles hanging from the grasses looks like a mini chandelier :)
Well best be off for now much to be done. Thanks as always for looking in :)
All photographs and images are the copyright of Elizabeth McCrindle

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