Thursday, 11 February 2010


I know this work in progress doesn't look anything like finished but this is as far as I've got with it today. Definately in the uglies but I can see potential in it....even if no one else does. One of the beauties of using acrylics is the speed with which they dry......and also how quickly you can erase your mistakes. But even they can start to look over done or contrived,. this at the moment if nothing else still has a feeling of spontaneity. I'll leave it for tonight and go back to it tomorrow.
Been another cold day today -6 this morning but like yesterday the sun came out and a bright pallette of colour with it. One disappointment though was the abandonment of tomorrow's race card at Ayr...AGAIN. I was so looking forward to going after many years abcence, bought new discs for my camera and had plenty of spare batteries. Temperature was 4C when I came back from the yard tonight so hopefully it'll stay above zero and we might get racing on Saturday. Looking forward to getting lots of reference photos of jockeys, trainers and racegoers...and off course horses.
Thought I'd share some photos I took this morning on my walk....enjoy!

Morning Chorus

Dust of snow on Goat Fell

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