Friday, 19 March 2010

From the Archives....TEAM WORK ACRYLIC

Team Work
Not sure I'll be able to post what I'm doing later, so, instead of nothing I got this one from the archive's. It was done quite a while ago so can't remember the size though do know it's acrylic. There is something wonderful about watching a team off horses working the land. Oh I know machinery can harvest a field in the blink of an eye these days but the steady plod of the heavy horses, their heads nodding in time and the jingle jangle from the bells on the strapping kind of makes time stand still for a bit. This pair are a bit grander looking than your everyday farmhorse as they were in a ploughing competition.
Have a great weekend where ever you are.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

This is wonderful Elizabeth! I agree, nothing better than a team of horses working in unison.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Love painting heavy horses Gail it's been quite a while since I have think I need to re visit them :)

jane augenstein said...

I missed this one! Love heavy horses, beautiful painting!!!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Jane....hoping to get some more heavies done in the near future :)