Saturday, 13 March 2010


Soft Sky, White Sand
Acrylic 12x12
Obviously I need to do more cleaning and tiding cos I found this wee gem in amongst some boards that were against the wall in the studio. If I'm being honest I don't remember starting it so must have been there for a wee while. I also have to say that the cleaning has once again stopped because something about it 'spoke' to me. It said bugger cleaning and finish me....who am I to ignore a painting when it speaks lol. This is the North beach looking back at Ardrossan and I'm not sure if there is still as much greenery there but I like the way it leads you into the painting so let's call it artistic license.
It might just find itself winging it's way to Aberfeldy at the end of the month for the Spring exhibition but if there are any takers enquiries should come to me.
There is whispering coming from boards in the corner, sounds like an unfinished jockey lol...guess cleaning's been cancelled.


artbyakiko said...

I love all of your landscape paintings. Great compositions!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Akiko for the lovely comment :)

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald said...

It is lovely Elizabeth! Glad it found you! :D Thanks for the chuckle!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thankfully Debbie there are more days for chuckling than chopping ears the moment lol