Sunday, 28 March 2010




Today is officially the first day of British Summertime and in typical fashion its dull, baltic and gale force, but at least it'll be longer light....unless it rains lol. It also meant the clocks had sprung forward an hour meaning an hour less in bed. You wouldn't think that would make such a difference but by lunch time I was almost at a stop. I hate too say this but I almost had a the But, I'm delivering paintings to Aberfeldy tomorrow and they had to be wrapped so as I can get an early start on my journey. One of the paintings I'm taking is larger than the norm 24 x 24 with a heavy frame, it was an effort to lug it upstairs to wrap it in bubble wrap. Then something changed, as I laid it on the bubble wrap I thought about the large canvas I'll be starting next month (58 x 32)and how this one including frame would probably be the depth of the canvas...was an inch out the one I'll be working on will be 32 inch deep this was 31. I finished wrapping then started to think maybe I should do one half scale so I proceeded to cut a board 29 x 16, then I started cutting the left over board in to 8 x 6 pieces. As I was doing that ideas were going through my head about what I was going to paint on them. You know what I'm not the least bit tired now and will start priming the boards after dinner.
Hope your day is working for you.


L. D. Burgus said...

Sometimes the work comes easy even though it is a lot of work. I really liked yur too photos of the horses.

K. T. Sparks said...

Yes I would believe how tired you are Elizabeth! We started our daylight savings time 2 weeks ago and I have been tired ever since! I just wish they would leave the time one way or the other! I know you are tired of the gloom but it should change a little for you soon won't it? I spent a week in Scotland last summer and it was such a beautiful country! I even spent 6 of my days with emergency surgery in Aberdeen! Not what I planned on when I went, but you know sometimes the best laid plans....

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Larry they really are a joy to photograph.

I thing it's your body clock that suddenly gets knocked sideways K T but in a couple of weeks things will be back online and I'll be enjoying the new life of Spring. Yep Scotland is a beautiful place especially the further North you go. Sorry to hear you spent so much of it in'll just have to comeback and do it all over again....without the hospital :)