Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Fresh Fields
Acrylic 6x7
SOLD to a collector in the USA
Having a much better day at the 'office' today, no wipeouts. I risked life and limb getting the reference photos for this one as it was on the busy A9 road to Perth. I was parked in a lay-by just in case you think I had a total blonde moment. But, I can tell you those big HGV's hurtle along that road and fairly lift your tail feathers with the draft...smile. Whatever crop had been in the fields had been lifted and the new grass was starting to come through........it really was that green, in fact I'd go as far as to say it was brighter. Mind you the dark hill in the backdrop fairly bounced of the fields.
There was one drawback today I was all set to do another wee one to discover I hadn't boards prepared....slap on the wrist for me. You can guess what I'll be doing after I get the supermarket trip done :)
Thanks as always for looking in :)

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